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Weston Bryant's first book, Learn From Me: How Regular People Can Make Disciples Like Jesus Did gained #1 New Release status on Amazon and was listed as a Top 100 Bestseller for two weeks after it's publication.

In this short book, you’ll learn:
•The one thing Jesus requires of all of us before we can make disciples
•The role that time plays in our ability to make disciples
•The many ways Jesus helped people learn through their experiences with Him

If you long to be used by God but feel overwhelmed by the task of making disciples, or if you’re a pastor who is looking for a resource to equip your people for ministry, this easy-to-read book will help you apply what you learn in practical next steps. Get ready to discover the simplicity by which Jesus helped people grow in their faith, and gain the confidence to make real disciples—just like Jesus did.


In his book "Learn From Me: How Regular People Can Make Disciples Like Jesus Did", Weston Bryant has authored a helpful and practical guide for discipleship in the 21st century that gleans from the Savior's model of making disciples in the 1st century. He is a coach at heart and shares nuggets of wisdom for anyone looking to sharpen their skills to coach disciples toward discovering their God-given potential.


"4 easy to use and practical ways to grow your ability to make disciples, the way Jesus did it. If we all walked in these principles the world would have way more people that knew Jesus."


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