Train the Few:
Group Discipleship Training

Good churches teaches the masses about Jesus.  Disciple-Making churches train the few to lovingly obey Jesus together.

How do I help my people grow?  This is a deep ache within many pastors.  We’ve experienced the life transforming power of Jesus and know the joy of a relationship with Him.  Yet for so many people in our congregations, they seem content to enjoy a spiritual life on the sidelines, listening to sermons and participating in small groups, but failing to fully immerse themselves in a radical life of faith.

Asking the question, “How do I help people grow?” is a good question.  However, the answer is a lot like the old saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”  Good churches teach people about Jesus, and we encourage you to continue preaching the Gospel and teaching people in small group settings.

What sets this course apart is that we help you and leaders within your church ask a different question…

Who’s Thirsty?

Jesus taught the masses, and expanded on His teaching with hundreds of disciples who followed Him.  But He entrusted His mission with twelve men.  He trained the few.

We believe this is what is missing from many church discipleship efforts.  Good churches teach the masses on Sunday mornings and expand on that teaching with those who want to learn more in small groups.  Through our program, Train the Few, we walk church leadership teams through a system that is designed to help the spiritually thirsty develop rhythms and habits that actually produce growing disciples - people who lovingly obey Jesus together.


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