Group Discipleship Training

For Church Leadership Teams and Small Groups

This is a hands on training for churches that want to transform their small groups into a disciple-making movement.  We work with the senior pastor and church leadership to understand your current church culture and help you train your people to make disciples like Jesus did.  For one year, we will walk alongside your church with:

  • An in-person monthly training session for 12-15 of your church’s top leaders (staff, elders, and small group leaders).

  • One-on-One Coaching for 3-4 members of your team to tailor the training for the church at large.

You’ll learn to incorporate simple disciple-making principles into your small group culture, develop small group rhythms that empower people to listen to God and put their faith to action, apply the one task that prevents most groups from multiplying (hint: it has to do with talking with others about Jesus), and train your people to take action, teach others, and make real disciples—because when disciples are made, small groups will multiply.

If you're tired of complicated discipleship strategies and want to follow simple principles that make real disciples, Let's Talk.

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