The Courageous Leader

6 month coaching course to help you take control of your time, lead more effectively, and multiply your ministry impact.

As pastors, we genuinely care for people.  It’s how God wired us.  But sometimes our desire to do all things for all people leads us to become overworked, isolated, and burned out.  If you're feeling overwhelmed by the needs of your people, or if it seems like you spend more time running an organization than doing the work of ministry, you need a plan to transform how you work.

Through this engaging course, you'll meet once a week for a one-hour coaching session with your coach, Weston Bryant.  You'll STOP:

  • Leading from a place of comfort

  • Setting small goals that feel safe and uninspired

  • Doing more activity and managing more problems that leave you frustrated, stressed, and desperate for help

  • Begging for volunteers to meet your growing ministry needs

You'll reignite your passion and START:

  • Leading from a place of confidence

  • Setting God-sized Goals and trusting Him to do abundantly more than you can ask or think

  • Taking control of your time and saying no to the expectations of others

  • Raising up leaders and a creating a multitude of volunteers

3. Develop Strong United Teams who build healthy disciples and GROW YOUR CHURCH.

We want you to hit the ground running!  Schedule a time for your FREE 45 Minute Breakthrough Coaching Session.