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Courageous Leadership Framework

As pastors, we genuinely care for people.  It’s how God wired us.  But sometimes our desire to do all things for all people leads us to become overworked, isolated, and a little overwhelmed.  If you're feeling overwhelmed by the needs of your people, or if it seems like you spend more time running an organization than doing the work of ministry, you need a plan to transform how you work.

Step 1:  Level Up Your Leadership

Living Courageously is all about what makes you unique as a disciple of Jesus and the central work you are called to.  You know, the aspect of ministry that light’s you up and moves people to greater faith.

In Step 1, you'll become a healthier and more effective leader:


You’ll STOP:

  • Leading from a place of comfort.

  • Doing more activity and managing more problems that leave you frustrated, stressed, and desperate for help.

  • Wasting time on activity that is not important or urgent.

  • Begging for volunteers to meet your growing ministry needs.


And you’ll START:

  • Leading from a place of confidence.

  • Taking control of your time and doing the work you must do as the leader of your ministry.

  • Comfortably using the word, “no” and setting healthy boundaries.

  • Developing a multitude of volunteers who are passionate about their work.


Step 2:  Build Strong Teams

A Strong Team is a group of people who are growing in their relationship with Jesus and each other as they work towards a common vision.  It’s the fulfillment of Jesus’s instructions to:


Follow me and I’ll make you fishers of men  +  As I have loved you, so you must love one another.


In other words, it’s how Jesus made disciples. 


Whether you currently have a team or not, schedule a FREE 15 minute Discovery Coaching Call to get a list of benefits and learn how you can START building a strong team.




Step 3:  Multiply Your Ministry Impact

Now that you’ve grown as a leader and have built a strong team, it’s time to experience the fruit of faithful service.  As the Spirit moves, you’ll see the impact of your work go beyond your particular ministry and church, and expand into your community, your city, and our world.


We want you to hit the ground running!  Schedule a FREE 15 minute Discovery Coaching Call to get a list of benefits and learn how you can START multiplying your ministry impact.

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