The Disciple-Making Leader

Good pastors try to do all things for all people.  Disciple-making pastors serve out of their calling and Gifts & deploy people for ministry.

As pastors, we love to care for people.  It’s how God wired us.  But sometimes our desire to do all things for all people leads us to become overworked, isolated, and burned out.  If you're feeling overwhelmed by the needs of your people, or if it seems like you spend more time running an organization than doing the work of ministry, you need a plan to transform how you work.

Through our coaching program, “The Disciple-Making Leader,” we give you a plan to say “no”, serve out of your calling and Gifts, and deploy people for ministry.  Over the course of nine months, your coach will help you:

  • Love like Jesus and say no to the expectations of others.

  • Stop doing things that are not urgent, important, or moving the mission of your church forward.

  • Clarify your calling and identify the 1-2 things you must do as a pastor of your church.

  • Set boundaries with your time and design a schedule that serves you, not the other way around.

  • Recognize the qualities of a leader and identify key leaders in your church

  • Recruit, Develop, and Deploy those leaders to carry out the work of ministry together.

Yes, this will require change, and change is hard.  But it's not the only hard thing:  People pleasing is hard, loneliness is hard, strained marriages are hard.  If you want to make the changes that will allow you to lead like Jesus and persevere in ministry, schedule a time to connect with Wes.

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