Learning Labs

Our community is passionate about learning and growing together.  Each month, we host a free online Learning Lab via Zoom for Christians who are making an impact for Jesus.  We explore real life issues concerning our faith, work, and the Church - with a new topic each month.  To participate, click the registration link to the right and you will receive your Zoom link for this month's Learning Lab in your email.

Make Disciples Like Jesus Did


Part I: What Does Jesus Require?

Tuesday, July 21


Go and make disciples.  It was the last command of Jesus.  But what does Jesus need me to do in order to make disciples?  Does he require me to get my life in order?  Learn the seven steps of disciple-making?  Go to seminary and become a pastor?  In this learning lab, we will discuss the one thing Jesus requires in order to make disciples like He did when he walked the earth.  If you’ve ever felt like you’re not qualified to make disciples (or you lead a church with people who feel this way), this learning lab is for you!