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Meet Your Coach: About Me


Wes Bryant

My initial call into ministry was to pastor others through sports.  In my first few years, I felt like there weren’t many volunteers willing to help.  I also felt overwhelmed by tasks on my plate and didn’t understand that the short term costs of recruiting, training, and developing leaders far outweighed the long term costs of mental fatigue, loneliness, and burnout.  In short, I was managing a lot of problems instead of leading people


Eventually, I began looking to the Gospels to see how Jesus developed leaders.  As I made it a priority to develop leaders in my ministry, I found that our volunteer numbers began to go up, and the complaints I received began to go down as these leaders used their Gifts to meet the spiritual and physical needs of people in our ministry.

I earned my Masters in Christian Ministry and became a Certified Transformational Coach.  Then in 2019, the Lord led me to start Commission Leadership to help leaders like you find connection with other pastors and develop leaders from the crowds of people who attend your church.

We are a community of pastors, for pastors, helping each other become more Christ-Like leaders.  I'd love to learn more about your leadership journey and how this community can serve you.  Let's  schedule a 15 Minute Discovery Call today.

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