Weston Bryant

My initial call into ministry was to pastor others through sports.  In my first job with a church, I felt like there weren’t many people willing to help.  I also felt overwhelmed by tasks on my plate and didn’t understand that the short term costs of recruiting, training, and developing leaders far outweighed the long term costs of mental fatigue, loneliness, and burnout.  I also struggled to say no when people placed their expectations on me, and made decisions that I knew were not good for me or the ministry God had called me to...just so I could make someone else happy.


God gave me a renewed vision for leadership with my second sports ministry position.  I became comfortable saying ‘No’, and developed a process for training up leaders.  Over time, I went from managing problems to leading people.

In just four years, by God's grace, I doubled the size of my ministry to over 1000 people.  I also grew our volunteer base by 33% and  tripled my team of key leaders in the ministry.  A few of them even went on to impact our community beyond the walls of our church (listen to Bobby's story).  As exciting as this was, I'm most grateful that after 13 years of ministry, I persevered through hard times and avoided the pitfalls that cause many leaders to quit too soon.  Now, I'm blessed to help pastors ease some of the pain points that come with leading a church.

I believe that if we want to solve the discipleship crises in our churches, we must take better care of our leaders.  If you'd like to learn more about how I can help you inspire more volunteers, build a pipeline of leaders, and delight in the One who calls you to ministry, schedule a 15 Minute Discovery Call today.  I'd love to hear your story.