Weston Bryant

My initial call into ministry was to pastor others through sports.  In my first job with a church, I felt like there weren’t many people willing to help.  I also felt like most tasks were my responsibility.  I didn’t understand that the short term costs of recruiting, training, and developing leaders far outweighed the long term costs of mental fatigue, loneliness, and burnout.  I also struggled to say no when people placed their expectations on me, and made decisions that I knew were not good for me or the ministry God had called me to serve...just so I could make someone else happy.


God gave me a renewed vision for discipleship with my second sports ministry position.  This church had more buy-in for the sports ministry and I found more people willing to help.  I learned the power of saying ‘No’, and developed a process for training up leaders.  Over time, I went from managing hundreds of volunteers to leading Coaches, League Directors, and a Lead Team.  Of the six men on that Lead Team, one became a staff member, one became an Elder, and another followed God’s call into vocational ministry with a local church.


I believe disciples of Jesus make disciples of Jesus, and I free up pastors to fulfill their God-given calling.  If you're ready to do the hard work that's desperately needed to create a disciple-making culture in your church, let's connect.

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