Weston Bryant

As someone who worked in the church for 13 years, I understand your challenges.  I know what it feels like to come to the edge of burnout in my own strength, and I'm learning to trust God in my weaknesses.  I also know the thrill of seeing Jesus transform people's lives.  Over time, God has taught me that discipleship is not about developing the right program, it's about submitting to Jesus as He builds His Church, loving people well, and equipping them to do the work He calls them to.

As a certified Transformational Coach through Western Seminary, I have been trained to help you carry out the Great Commission in your unique context.  While I will work to help you reach your goals, I am most concerned with who God has created you to be and the work He is calling you to that requires you to step out in faith.


I started Commission Leadership because many churches are closing their doors as a growing number of people in America don’t want to “go to church.”  At the same time, there are a growing number of Christian Leaders who want to “Be the Church” in all that they do, making faithful obedient disciples. Whether you’re a pastor in a local church, an entrepreneur, or a leader in your home, I would love to hear your story and learn how this ministry can serve you.

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