Peer Advisory Groups

A Small Group for Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Making an Impact for Jesus Through Their Work

Think about your job for a moment.  What would change if you viewed each day as an opportunity to worship God and serve others through the work you do?  What kind of impact could you make for Jesus?

A Peer Advisory Group is a collection of 5-8 leaders from various professions who meet twice a month to help each other solve problems, set goals, and grow in their faith and work.  Whether you’re working with a difficult staff member, a boss who isn’t supportive, need help finding solutions to a problem, or want advice for how to expand your business or climb the corporate ladder - your group is there to serve you.  Work is difficult enough when we’re not in the midst of a pandemic.  We need each other to flourish in these challenging times.


The ideal group member possesses the following qualities:

  • Christian - loves Jesus and views their work as worship to God and service to others.

  • Leader - humble and driven to make themselves better

  • Giver - delights in helping others succeed and freely gives of their knowledge and resources.

  • Action-Oriented - tackles problems head-on and regularly achieves goals.


What are the Benefits of Being in a Group:

  • Focused conversations on leadership with people who share your passion for worshiping Jesus through their work.

  • Learn from a cohort of entrepreneurs, pastors, and leaders in the marketplace.

  • Collective Brainstorming provides solutions to your problems and new perspectives from people outside your office or team.

  • Set and accomplish goals for personal and professional development.

  • Gain access to people and resources through an expanded ministry network.

  • Participate in a monthly private Facebook Group for continued dialogue.

  • Avoid the hassle of organizing meetings, taking group notes, and communicating next steps (Your coach does this for you).



  • Members meet twice a month for two hours via Zoom at an agreed time.

  • Members commit to meet for six months, then may continue on a month-to-month basis.

Our next groups launch in January 2021! If you'd like to learn more, Let's Talk.