Making Disciples Together


Good small groups help people learn about Jesus.  Disciple-making groups train their people to obey Jesus.  Whether you're currently leading a small group that feels stuck, or if you're thinking of starting a new small group but want to avoid that trappings that lead many groups to become inward focused, this workshop is designed to help you:

  • Learn the one thing you you must do as a group in order to produce disciples who don't just learn about Jesus, but lovingly obey Jesus.

  • Participate in proven hands-on activities that train your people to teach others about Jesus.

  • Develop rhythms that connect people to Jesus and each other outside of a traditional small group setting.

  • Learn what causes people to settle for an inward-focused small group experience, and what multiplying small groups do differently.

  • Design practical next steps of obedience to hit the ground running with your group.

If you'd like to set a date to host this workshop for your church or small groups, schedule a time to connect with Wes.

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