Now That Church Is Over...
Introduction to Making Disciples

Every Sunday, people gather together in your church to worship Jesus.  They hear the Gospel & learn what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.  But once church is over, what’s next?  How do you help people live on mission and make disciples for Jesus?  For many people, the thought of making disciples feels scary and overwhelming.  But it doesn't have to be.  In this workshop, you won't be given a heavy curriculum.  Instead, you'll:   

  • Discover the beliefs that prevent you from being used by Jesus to make disciples.

  • Understand what Jesus requires of you as His disciple, and embrace the one thing you must do to make disciples like Jesus did.

  • Learn how Jesus made disciples through everyday ordinary situations, and how you can personally make disciples after church ends.

  • Explore what causes most people to get stuck, and discern how you can create disciple-making small groups in your church.

  • Design practical next steps of obedience to hit the ground running as a disciple of Jesus.

To view an outline of learning objectives and set a date to host this workshop for your church or small groups, schedule a time to connect with Wes.

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