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How We Uniquely Serve Leaders in the Church

Our coaching packages are tailored to meet your specific ministry needs.  We equip you to apply Biblical Leadership Principles to your modern ministry context so you can lead like Jesus, inspire more volunteers to fulfill His mission, and develop leaders from the crowds of people who attend on Sundays.

We do this by giving you a...


To recruit the right volunteers for your ministry and build a culture where people love to serve.


To inspire more volunteers and navigate difficult objections (like “I’m too busy).


To identify leaders and create a path to progression.  Building a team of leaders who are on mission with you.

What Our Clients Say

Ross Stackhouse_edited.jpg

Ross Stackhouse, Lead Pastor

Wes has been instrumental in helping me and a couple of our teams clearly identify some goals and make progress on our discipleship pathway. Honestly, I was resistant to the idea of coaching and didn't realize how much I needed it until I started doing it.  I recommend coaching because I genuinely think it's worth it, especially for those of us trying to forge ahead and bear fruit in hostile conditions.

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